Shenzhen Brother Ice System Co., Ltd. (ICESTA)


Fax: +86-755-29914210

Contact Person: Robin Lee

  • After-sales Service

  • As an ice maker specialist in China, ICESTA tries to provide attentive after-sales service along with high quality ice machines.

    After-sales Service Item
    1. Our ice machine comes with one year warranty, and this service is free of charge unless machine failure is caused by improper operation. In addition, professional technical support is available all the time.

    2. After ice machines are shipped, our technical staff will carry out inspection and testing at customer's site to make sure that our machine works perfectly as expected. Then, these ice machines will be inspected every three months, and corresponding test report will be sent to the customer.

    3. All the above-mentioned services are offered by our branch offices, service centers or exclusive agents near customer's location. So, timely service is always at your hand. For more details, please call us at +86-18675500617.

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  • Replacement Parts

  • Ice Maker Parts
    A PDF file is listed at the bottom of this page, and it mainly introduces some commonly purchased ice maker parts. If you want to request a quote or place an order, please take down the model number and serial number of your ice machine first, and these information is on the silver blue tag attached to the bottom of evaporator. In addition, we could offer a complete list of replacement parts for a specific model of ice machine if requested.

    Other Replacement Parts
    If you need replacement parts for ice handling equipment or ice storage system, please contact the after-sales department, and you should provide serial number or contract number.

    After-sales Manager: Tao Xiping
    Toll-free Tel.: 400-618-0150
    Mobile: +86-18675500617
    Fax: +86-755-29914212

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  • Maintenance Schedule

  • Maintenance Schedule for Ice Machine

    Regular maintenance helps to offer years of trouble-free running of ice machines, and here is a recommended maintenance schedule.

    Inspect water circulation system, and remember to clean water rings and plug nozzles.

    1. Clean and tidy the entire ice machine: water tank, evaporator (including inner wall), water distribution pan, etc.
    2. If there is scale or rust on the freezing surface of evaporator, please remove it.
    3. Examine the speed reducer and make sure that oil doesn't leak.

    Every 3 Months
    Clean and tidy the condenser.

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