Shenzhen Brother Ice System Co., Ltd. (ICESTA)


Fax: +86-755-29914210

Contact Person: Robin Lee

Concrete Cooling
  • A Nuclear Power Plant in Mumbai, India
    Time: July, 2009
    Products: Flake ice machine (20t/24h), ice storage system (20t) and ice delivery system

  • A Construction Project in Saudi Arabia
    Products: Flake ice machine (40t/24h), ice delivery system (50t) and ice weighing system

  • Lechang Gorge Hydropower Station
    Time: June, 2010
    Location: Shaoguan city, China
    Products: Flake ice machine (100t/24h), ice delivery system (100t) and ice weighing system

Chemical Processing
  • Guangzhou Desheng Chemical
    Product model: IF6T-R4A
    Quantity: 3 sets

  • Zhejiang Changshan Chemical
    Product model: IF40T-R2W
    Quantity: 2 sets

Seafood Processing
  • Guangdong Shunxin Sea Fishery
    Product model: IF15T-R2W
    Quantity: 2 sets

  • Yantai Xinhai Aquatic Product Group
    Product model: IF20T-R2W
    Quantity: 3 sets

  • Gaoyao Xinming Seafood
    Product model: IF20T-R2W
    Quantity: 2 sets

Meat Processing
  • Shandong Delisi Food
    Product model: IF5T-R2A
    Quantity: 5 sets

  • Qingdao Jiulian Group
    Product model: IFE-25TR7
    Quantity: 3 sets

  • Doyoo Group
    Product model: IFSE-10TR7
    Quantity: 4 sets

Dairy Processing
  • Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group
    Product model: IFSE-15TR7
    Quantity: 10 sets

  • Meilun Food
    Product model: IF15T-R4W
    Quantity: 6 sets

  • Zhongshan Delixue Food
    Product model: IFSE-10TR7

Food Preservation in Supermarkets
  • Wal-Mart Stores in Argentina
    Product model: IF2T-R4A
    Quantity: 22 sets

  • Yinzuo Group
    Product model: IF1.2T-R4A
    Quantity: 43 sets