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  • Concrete Cooling

  • Flake Ice Machine for Concrete Cooling

    When constructing large dams and high-rise buildings, it is very necessary to control the temperature of concrete during pouring operation. If not, concrete temperature will increase by 25℃ during curing period as a result of released hydration heat, thus leading to volumetric expansion. After conservation, concrete temperature drops, and the concrete shrinks in size accordingly. In this way, cracks are formed, and they are extremely harmful for dams and buildings. So, it is very important to control concrete temperature within limited temperature range when curing. Please be noted that this issue is vital for large dams and buildings, but is not so important for small concrete structures.

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  • Artificial Snow Making

  • Flake Ice Machine for Artificial Snow Making

    Our flake ice machine is often used in ski resorts to produce artificial snow by crushing flake ice, and its performance is highly appreciated by global customers.

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  • Chemical and Dyestuff Manufacturing

  • Scale Ice Machine for Temperature Control of Chemical and Dyestuff Manufacturing

    In chemical, dyestuff and pharmaceutical intermediate manufacturing processes, a lot of ice should be added into reactors or reaction vessels to control reaction temperature. In the past, people tended to purchase large sized ice blocks and then crushed them before use. But, this is costly and labor consuming, and poor ice quality often lead to deteriorated quality of final product.

    Given this, we have successfully developed flake ice machine (also called scale ice machine) to produce high-quality flake ice which boasts uniform shape, good mobility, large specific surface area and super fast cooling speed. These thin ice flakes melt quickly, providing fast heat transfer for temperature sensitive processes.

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  • Seafood and Vegetable Preservation

  • Flake Ice Maker for Seafood and Vegetable Preservation

    Flake ice is manufactured by flake ice makers, and it is usually utilized to preserve seafood and vegetable in supermarkets and stores due to its low temperature and light weight. It helps to maintain the color and value of seafood and vegetable, and it won't scratch the epidermis of these food products since it is smooth and free of corners. As a result, original shape and flavor are preserved.

    Ice flakes are also commonly adopted to keep seafood and vegetable fresh during transportation, and they are also very effective for holding fish on vessels.

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  • Ice Storage Air Conditioning

  • Ice Machine for Ice Storage Air Conditioning

    Traditional air conditioning systems, especially in commercial buildings, are the biggest contributors to peak electrical loads on hot summer days. According to relevant statistical data, electricity consumed by central air conditioning system in China’s large and medium sized cities takes up 40%-50% of peak power load. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Construction have jointly adjusted TOU difference to promote energy-saving strategy. So, it is highly recommended to use less electricity during daytime (electric load peak) and use more electricity during night time (electric load valley).

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  • Poultry Slaughtering

  • Flake Ice Machine for Poultry Slaughtering

    To guarantee the quality and appearance of meat in poultry slaughtering industry, temperature control is very necessary through all stages of processing, and preferable temperature range is usually 0-4℃. However, conventional water chiller couldn't meet these requirements.

    Under this condition, our flake ice machine is highly recommended because produced ice flakes can melt faster so as to cool meat faster.

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  • Mine Cooling

  • Flake Ice Machine for Mine Cooling

    With the fast development of coal industry, people pay more and more attention to safe operation in underground mines, and temperature reduction in deep wells is of vital importance. Some major heat sources in coal mines are virgin rock, mine water, hot air and mining machinery, while less important heat sources include human metabolism, oxidation process, explosive blasting, rock movement, etc.

    Many application cases have proven that ice flakes, which are made by flake ice machine, are very effective and cost-saving to cool underground mines. The entire system mainly consists of ground ice making system, underground cooling system and melting ice transportation system.

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