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Flake Ice Machine for Concrete Cooling

When constructing large dams and high-rise buildings, it is very necessary to control the temperature of concrete during pouring operation. If not, concrete temperature will increase by 25℃ during curing period as a result of released hydration heat, thus leading to volumetric expansion. After conservation, concrete temperature drops, and the concrete shrinks in size accordingly. In this way, cracks are formed, and they are extremely harmful for dams and buildings. So, it is very important to control concrete temperature within limited temperature range when curing. Please be noted that this issue is vital for large dams and buildings, but is not so important for small concrete structures.

In different countries, concrete temperature is regulated at different levels, from 7℃ up to 30℃. However, concrete cooling system is indispensable for any large concrete projects, and our flake ice machine is scientifically designed to provide effective cooling solutions for concrete. Technically speaking, 10kg of flake ice is able to reduce the temperature of 1m3 concrete block by 1.2℃-1.4℃.

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