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    1. Flake Ice Machine
      (Fresh Water)

      Our flake ice maker's evaporator has a hot dipped frame to avoid shrinkage, and X-ray is used to determine the soundness of welds to make sure that leakage will not take place.

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    1. Flake Ice Machine

      Compared to ones made from carbon steel, these components require more in welding, machining and annealing process since rough treatment will lead to short service life and high risk of deformation.

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    1. Evaporator
      (Ice Machine Evaporator)

      After the refrigerant chamber is properly welded, annealing treatment is adopted for the purpose of stress relief. As a result, our evaporator tank is not likely to suffer from deformation.

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  • Tube Ice Machine

    ompared with competitors' evaporator, our ice machine evaporator is able to form uniform water membrane in a more effective way, and this is very helpful in making crystal ice tubes.

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  • Block Ice Machine

    The evaporative coil (Ti pipe) boasts superior heat transfer effect, and it is made from anti-corrosion materials to ensure its long life. In addition, galvanized sheet is optional.

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    1. Ice Dispenser

      The ice bin has a loading capacity of 500kg to 3000kg, and the built-in screw mechanism greatly facilitates ice dispensing. This ice dispensing bin comes with dual control system: manual control and pedal control.

    1. Ice Weighing and Packing System

      Thanks to the circular arc structure, tube ice is able to drop smoothly without the danger of breaking into pieces, and this problem is commonly seen when using conventional ice packing system with quadrate structure.

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    1. Ice Conveyor

      All the ice delivery actions are remotely controlled, volumetrically metered (1% accuracy or better) and recorded at the storage bin, the remote station and the control center.

  • Turnkey Projects
    (Synthetic Ice Solution)
    ICESTA provides tailored turnkey solutions for global ice making plants, and our service items include project planning, ice machine production, site installation and after-sales service. What you need to do is just making some instructions, and we will do the rest.
    1. Ice Storage System
      The front access door allows operators to get in and open the bin door in order to control ice discharge, while the back access door makes it possible for operators to check air cooling unit, rake drive and ice rake hoist in a convenient way.
    1. Ice Storage System
      The rectangular ice storage system is a large ice storing system particularly suitable for places where high ice storage capacity is necessary or daily ice consumption changes significantly.
    1. Ice Storage System
      The modular ice storage system provides a cost-effective solution to automatically store and discharge flake ice, plate ice, shell ice or tube ice, and it doesn’t need any refrigerated building with wooden support columns.
  • Vacuum Cooling SystemOur vacuum cooling machine allows easy operation, and it could drop temperature to the preset value in 20 minutes. In general, this vacuum cooler extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables with reduced cooling cost.