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Ice Storage System

    1. Ice Storage System
      The front access door allows operators to get in and open the bin door in order to control ice discharge, while the back access door makes it possible for operators to check air cooling unit, rake drive and ice rake hoist in a convenient way.
    1. Ice Storage System
      The rectangular ice storage system is a large ice storing system particularly suitable for places where high ice storage capacity is necessary or daily ice consumption changes significantly.
    1. Ice Storage System
      The modular ice storage system provides a cost-effective solution to automatically store and discharge flake ice, plate ice, shell ice or tube ice, and it doesn’t need any refrigerated building with wooden support columns.

Ice tends to melt easily, so how to store ice after ice production is a tough problem for every ice machine user. Here, we would like to recommend our ice storage system to provide cost-effective ice storage solutions.

Our ice storage system is further divided into three types which are mobile ice storage system, rectangular ice storage system and modular ice storage system. These products are manufactured from high-quality thermal insulation materials to prevent ice from melting, while other accessories could be outfitted so as to weigh ice, transport ice and/or detect if the bin is full, thus perfectly meeting application demands.