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Ice Storage System

The modular ice storage system provides a cost-effective solution to automatically store and discharge flake ice, plate ice, shell ice or tube ice, and it doesn’t need any refrigerated building with wooden support columns. Instead, it is installed as a free standing unit in an existing refrigerated room, thus making it particularly suitable for retrofitting old plants or for new plants where wood construction is not practical.

System Configuration
As a piece of cost-effective ice equipment, this ice storage system includes modular bin frame and sheet metal liner which is fitted with ice rake and hoist (mounted on the bin frame). During work, the ice rake is used to level ice when needed, and the hoist automatically regulates the height of rake according to the volume of ice in the storage bin. Moreover, our product comes with a control panel, and this panel can be tailored so as to control ice machine, ice storage system and other devices.

1. Our modular ice storage system has an ice storage capacity of 17-255MT per unit. Its wall frame is made from hot-dip galvanized steel and lined with galvanized steel, while access door and inspection window bring extra convenience during work. In addition, the drive shaft and guard cover are constructed from stainless steel.

2. The rake assembly, hoist assembly and door assembly are all controlled electrically. Moreover, low speed overload protection is offered to better protect ice rakes, and the hoist is mounted on the top of bin frame with galvanized drip pan.

3. This ice storing system has a manual control station to help operators control rake, hoist and access door more easily, and some protection measures are adopted to guarantee human safety during work.

4. Our ice storage system uses an electric controller to detect loading status of ice bin (whether it is full or empty), and this controller is outfitted with a PLC and several motor starters (for rake, hoist, access door and discharge screw, respectively). On the other hand, an operator interface panel is installed on the access door, and the power supply is wired with main disconnect switch, circuit breaker, power conditioner, power transformer and all motor starters.

Ice Bin Options
1. Floor mounted discharge screw conveyor
2. Floor mounted twin screw conveyor
3. Externally mounted rake hoist

Control Panel Options
1. Motor starters fro additional conveying equipment
2. Variable delivery rate hoist controller
3. Enhanced operator interface with status and fault message display

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