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Ice Storage System

Ice Storage System (Container)

The rectangular ice storage system is a large ice storing system particularly suitable for places where high ice storage capacity is necessary or daily ice consumption changes significantly. With the storage capacity of 90-227MT, it could satisfy a wide range of applications.

1. Constructed from heavy-duty industrial grade components, the insulated ice storage room realizes continuous operation, long service life and low maintenance requirements.

2. The proprietary ice rake is mainly utilized to level ice after ice is loaded, and when ice should be discharged for use, it would sweep ice out of the bin. In addition, the height of ice rake is adjusted by the hoist automatically.

3. Our ice storage system is equipped with a pneumatically controlled door which can be opened automatically to discharge ice, and the twin screw conveyor will transport ice to ice delivery system during this process.

4. As for the ice bin, its components are all hot-dipped galvanized, and they could be made from stainless steel as well though this is optional.

5. To better meet customer requirements, our ice storage system comes with a control panel which can be tailored to accommodate dual rake systems, multiple ice machines or other special designs. This control panel incorporates starter and logic controller for ice machine, ice storage system and ice delivery system, and it can be also fitted with optional PLC and operator interface.

6. For safety considerations, our ice storage adopts advanced protection devices, while either a pneumatic ice delivery system or a screw ice conveying system is utilized to facilitate ice discharging.

7. This rectangular ice storage system could be customized almost limitlessly, so it can be installed even in narrow places.

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