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Ice Handling Equipment

    1. Ice Dispenser

      The ice bin has a loading capacity of 500kg to 3000kg, and the built-in screw mechanism greatly facilitates ice dispensing. This ice dispensing bin comes with dual control system: manual control and pedal control.

    1. Ice Weighing and Packing System

      Thanks to the circular arc structure, tube ice is able to drop smoothly without the danger of breaking into pieces, and this problem is commonly seen when using conventional ice packing system with quadrate structure.

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    1. Ice Conveyor

      All the ice delivery actions are remotely controlled, volumetrically metered (1% accuracy or better) and recorded at the storage bin, the remote station and the control center.

ICESTA offers a wide range of ice handling equipment, including ice dispenser, ice weighing and packing system, ice delivery system and so on, to help customers pack and transport ice in an energy-saving and cost-saving way.

Ice Dispenser
Ice dispenser is a piece of ice packaging equipment used to fill ice into bags to facilitate ice storage and transportation.

Ice Weighing and Packing System
This system makes it possible for users to measure the weight of ice according to practical needs, so less ice is wasted. It is indispensable for ice sellers.

Ice Delivery System
As a piece of cost-effective ice handling equipment, the ice delivery system is capable of short or long-distance ice transportation.