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Ice Conveyor

  • Screw Conveying
  • Screw Conveying System
  • Pneumatic Delivery System

Ice needs to be transported to remote ice stations or other use points after it is produced, and our ice delivery system is especially developed for this purpose.

1. The ice delivery system is classified into two types which are screw ice conveying system and pneumatic ice delivery system, and they both have a transportation capacity of 36MT/hour.

2. All the ice delivery actions are remotely controlled, volumetrically metered (1% accuracy or better) and recorded at the storage bin, the remote station and the control center.

3. To realize safe and reliable operation, a central control panel, which is installed in the ice plant, is designated to control all the actions.

Screw Ice Conveying System
1. This ice handling equipment offers a very economical solution to deliver ice up to 40 meters or so in the horizontal direction, and it could also be installed with a tilt angle of 30 degrees from horizon.

2. The ice delivery system takes advantage of curved slide gates (either manual or automatic) to provide intermediate in-line discharge points, and it is constructed from standard hot dip galvanized plates or optional stainless steel plates (with or without factory-applied insulation).

3. Telescoping chutes (or hoses) can be provided at the conveyor discharge points to fit for different applications.

Pneumatic Ice Delivery System
1. The pneumatic ice delivery system is exceptionally suitable for long-distance ice transportation, such as when multiple ice stations are required, ice must be greatly elevated or ice must be delivered at high speed.

2. A standard ice delivery system is able to transfer ice from storage bin to a place that is 150 meters away, but our pneumatic ice delivery system could transport ice to 100-300 meters in different directions, making it particularly applicable for fishery, chemical processing and concrete cooling industries.

3. Automatic diverter valves, either electric lineal actuated or air actuated, are provided to offer multiple delivery points.

4. This ice delivering equipment transfers ice to trucks, boats or railcars in a high velocity, and it could also make use of a cyclone receiver to slowly discharge ice to totes, ice dispensers or buffer tanks.

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