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Block Ice Machine

 Block Ice Machine

The block ice machine is a piece of specialized ice making equipment used to produce large sized ice blocks for ice sculpturing, ocean fishing, food preservation and goods storage/shipping because ice blocks have a relatively smaller specific surface area and lower melting rate.

1. Our block ice maker allows simple operation due to the implementation of low temperature brine water and intelligent PLC controller, and this PLC controller helps users to control ice making process in an exceptionally convenient way.

2. The evaporative coil (Ti pipe) boasts superior heat transfer effect, and it is made from anti-corrosion materials to ensure its long life. In addition, galvanized sheet is optional.

3. For this block ice machine, its ice thawing tank and ice dumping unit are scientifically designed to simplify operation. In particular, the thawing tank is heated by hot gas discharged by the compressor, thus making it more energy-saving and suitable for areas with low water temperature.

4. Thanks to the modular design, it is very easy to ship, move and install our ice block machine, while bespoke design is also acceptable in order to better satisfy customer requirements.

5. Containerized block ice machine is available: max. ice output of 6t/24h for 20' type and 12t/24h for 40' type.

6. Our block ice machine is extremely durable, and little maintenance is required.


01 Guiding rail
02 Water feeder
03 Water feeding gadget
04 Ice can dumper
05 Crane
06 Thawing tank

07 Brine tank
08 Ice can (mould)
09 Evaporative coils
10 Agitator
11 Refrigeration unit
12 Electric control system

Water is filled into ice moulds by the water feeder automatically, and then ice moulds are placed in the brine tank where the brine is stirred and circulated by the agitator. With the help of refrigeration system, the brine is cooled, thus freezing water inside ice moulds. After that, a crane is used to lift and move ice moulds to the ice thawing tank for melting, then ice blocks are dumped from ice moulds and stored.

Technical Data of Block Ice Machine
Model Ice output Refrigerant Total power Dimensions
Part name L×W×H
IB3T-R2W 3t/24h R22/R404A 14.8kW Complete unit 4000×2500×1200mm
IB5T-R2W 5t/24h R22/R404A 21kW Refrigeration unit 2000×800×1600mm
Evaporator (brine tank) 4600×1400×1150mm
IB10T-R2W 10t/24h R22/R404A 40.8kW Refrigeration unit 1800×1000×1450mm
Evaporator (brine tank) 4800×1000×2250mm
IB15T-R2W 15t/24h R22/R404A 60kW Refrigeration unit 2000×1200×1600mm
Evaporator (brine tank) 4800×1000×2250mm
IB20T-R2W 20t/24h R22/R404A 88kW Refrigeration unit 3500×1300×2200mm
Evaporator (brine tank) 12000×2200×1580mm
IB25T-R2W 25t/24h R22/R404A 97.5kW Refrigeration unit 3200×1800×2200mm
Evaporator (brine tank) 4800×1000×2250 mm
IB30T-R2W 30t/24h R22/R404A 118kW Refrigeration unit 3500×1500×2200mm
Evaporator (brine tank) 6760×4700×1560mm

1. Standard dry bulb temperature: 33℃
2. Standard water inlet temperature: 20℃
3. Ice block weight: 5kg, 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 50kg, 100kg

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