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Flake Ice Machine

    1. Flake Ice Machine
      (Fresh Water)

      Our flake ice maker's evaporator has a hot dipped frame to avoid shrinkage, and X-ray is used to determine the soundness of welds to make sure that leakage will not take place.

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    1. Flake Ice Machine

      Compared to ones made from carbon steel, these components require more in welding, machining and annealing process since rough treatment will lead to short service life and high risk of deformation.

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    1. Evaporator
      (Ice Machine Evaporator)

      After the refrigerant chamber is properly welded, annealing treatment is adopted for the purpose of stress relief. As a result, our evaporator tank is not likely to suffer from deformation.

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The flake ice machine offers an efficient ice making solution for both commercial and industrial applications, and it boasts some outstanding properties to guarantee its final performance.

1. Refrigeration System
All the components of refrigeration system are supplied by renowned manufacturers, so they are of premium quality and excellent reliability. On the other hand, optimized structural design is adopted by our flake ice maker, and it helps to realize simple but dependable operation.

2. Automatic Control System
The automatic control system with user-friendly design simplifies operation and maintenance without compromising reliability or security, whilst the remote control interface offers a convenient way to control and monitor our flake ice machine via Internet connection. Moreover, a built-in PLC controller enables operators to diagnose failures and summarize failure list.

This control system also provides protection for motor, water pump and compressor. When our ice making machine fails, it could stop the machine automatically to avoid equipment damage and human injury.

Our flake ice machine has found a wide range of applications in different industries and places, such as meat processing, aquatic food processing, fowl slaughtering, deep sea fishing, supermarket, laboratory, bio-pharmacy, medical facility, skiing resort, leather industry, dye chemical industry, concrete construction project, etc.

Selection Guide
Choosing a proper flake ice machine is vital for end-users, and let's take a seafood & vegetable display table for an example. Usually, the ice layer is 20cm thick, and the density of flake ice is 500kg/m3. So, if the display table measures 2000×1000mm in size, 200kg (2m×1m×0.2m×500kg/m3=200kg) of ice is needed, and ice should be added once or twice during normal working hours.

Production capacity shall be taken into consideration as well. When the total amount of required ice is calculated, customers are suggested to select a flake ice machine with a daily production capacity 3-4 times the amount of required ice. For example, if 300kg of ice is used per day, the best-fit ice generator should have a daily production capacity of 1000kg to 1500kg.